Facts You Won't Find on LinkedIn

Facts You Won't Find on LinkedIn

 One of my proudest moments was when my Dad asked me to sign his copy of “Europe from a Backpack,” a book that featured my story about being a camp counselor in Croatia.


 While working for Mattel Games, I did time as a cover girl.


I presented game concepts to Jay Leno in The Tonight Show green room, and Mark Burnett for Survivor


I failed to get picked as a contestant on the game show Card Sharks.


 I interviewed many talented artists, but only Johnny Depp got me tongue-tied.


At a Grammy Awards party, I waited for drinks next to Joni Mitchell and Liz Phair.


 While studying in the UK, I spent my spring break visiting Ireland for St. Patrick's Day, the Vatican on Easter, and Greece for souvlaki.


I've taught classes on games design, travel writing, and volunteering abroad. 


 When I first attended Burning Man, it cost $35 and had “only” 12,000 people.


 My idea of adventure includes an elephant safari in India, a trek to Machu Picchu, the sunrise at Joshua Tree, and the summer solstice in Iceland.


 When Nelson Mandela appeared at a concert in London after being freed from prison, I was one of 70,000 attendees cheering for him.

 I’ve always loved fresh produce, so to my delight, my husband made us a garden of delectable edibles.


I took our twin girls on a weeklong "trip" around the world by creating themed activities for different countries.


 Our Aussie Shepherd puppy is so cute, I had to make him a Pinterest page.