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Hello! I'm Rebecca Kraus.

I help businesses find their voice and connect with their target market. From a tagline to a new website, from packaging copy to a Social Media campaign, I'm shamelessly tenacious. The end result is work that inspires, engages, and activates. You have my word.

Rebecca Kraus | Content Strategy
Content Strategy

I'll help define your unique opportunity. Asking lots of questions and analyzing the competition, I'll get clarity on what you have now, where you want to be, and how to get there.

Rebecca Kraus | Brand Building
Brand Building

Is it an app, a game, a service? Whatever your product and whoever your audience, I create brand awareness and drive engagement across channels, from Social Media to mobile ads. 

Rebecca Kraus | Copywriter | Editor in Seattle
Copywriting & Editing

Need the right words? I write product and marketing copy, blog posts, digital content, and branded stories. I'll wrangle the words until you get just what you need.

Rebecca Kraus | Project Management
Project Management

Your project might require complexity and a variety of talents, from designers to developers. I determine the right skills, collaborate with other pros, and manage the project to completion. ​

Rebecca Kraus | Website Design
Website Creation


I can create or update your website using WIX, a cloud-based platform. From ideation to optimization, I focus on SEO, and craft the look and tone that communicates best for you.

Rebecca Kraus | Clients | Success Stories
Proof, Meet Pudding

Interested in results? Voila! See how I've helped recent clients with their branding, websites, and Social Media outreach. Enjoy these success stories.

Happy Holidays!

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times...


Seriously, it was a really tough year. BUT, I'm an eggnog half full kind of gal so we  

Rebecca Kraus | Website Design| Content | Online Marketing

Susan Grinker, Owner, Run Spot Run Seattle

Contact Rebecca Kraus

Let's Connect!

I'd love to hear from you, whether you need services now or later. 

Based in Seattle, I service clients nationwide and travel gladly.

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