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Facts You Won't Find on LinkedIn

Rebecca Kraus Background & Trivia

"Rebecca Kraus is truly a creative force. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and loved her innovative ideas and energy."

Shona Gupta, Engagement Director


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The Backstory

Rebecca has always loved a good story.


Starting as a doe-eyed entertainment journalist in Los Angeles, she found inspiration everywhere she looked and listened. She interviewed movie makers and chronicled rising talent, from backstage to on-set. She was a freelance contributor to Premiere, Rolling Stone, and Request, as well as the Managing Editor for Entertainment@Home magazine


She then transitioned to creating content and marketing for board games while holding staff positions at Mattel and Cranium. Keeping with the game theme, Rebecca was a camp counselor at peace camps for kids in war zones who learned to love through play. She wrote stories about these adventures and guest lectured at elementary schools and colleges alike. She even ended up as a cover girl (but knew to keep her day job). 

When Seattle's tech scene beckoned, Rebecca took on leadership roles at Classmates and Allrecipes. There, she curated user-generated content and fostered data-driven online engagement. Recently, she's worked for the Savannah College of Art and Design, helping creative students and alumni connect with opportunities on the west coast. 


As a Consultant and a Coach, she rolls up her sleeves—and even her pants—to wade through branding exercises and strategy sessions for clients of all stripes and sizes. 

Rebecca keeps those pants rolled up on most weekends, tending to her backyard farm alongside her husband and twins, cooking whatever’s in season, and hitting the trails with her Mini Australian Shepherd, Sedona.

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