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Rebecca is a creative force just this side of genius, easy to talk to and understand, and best of all she listens. To say that I was blown away by my new website that she created does not do it justice...within 3 weeks of going live I had 2 new petsitting jobs and 2 new dog walking clients. Rebecca creates magic within the framework of reality.

Susan Grinker, Owner of Run Spot Run Seattle

I was looking for assistance refreshing my LinkedIn profile, and she came highly recommended. Rebecca is so knowledgable on the subject and very concise in communicating that it didn't take longer than an hour for her to provide the perfect outline for the project. Once completed, she even offered a second review with a few more pointers. It was that extra attention that put it over-the-top! I am incredibly pleased with the results. 

Dave Lopez, Principal, Rumble A/V Consulting

As someone in career transition, I am so grateful I found Rebecca. She was absolutely stellar in helping me revise my LinkedIn profile, offering tips and tricks to help maximize my visibility in today's tough job market. And she honestly could not be more fun to work with. Her creative, out of the box style, coupled with a great sense of humor and passion for helping others make working with her pure joy. I can't recommend her highly enough!

Colleen Butler, Recruiting Manager, Robert Half

She was able to listen to me and extract my story, provide direction, and make some really helpful recommendations. With her help, I feel much more confident about my career path, my experience, and how my passion comes across to others.

Jessica Cloud, Healthcare IT | Team Leadership

Rebecca did an amazing job creating opportunities for networking and mentoring. Before she took over the group, there was little cross-talk and growth. By increasing the exposure and inviting quality mentors to each event through panels and focus groups, Rebecca built a new culture of conversation and value exchange. There has been a measurable increase in member activity even outside of events and we owe a lot to Rebecca's effort and enthusiasm.

Tobin Jones, Visual Supervisor | Product Manager

I worked closely with Rebecca for a while time during my post-graduation job hunt. She's incredibly knowledgeable and proactive in her work and always excited to connect people within industries. My job hunt was a tough one, and she was always offering new avenues and people to reach out to. I really appreciate how driven she is, and working with her has definitely been one of the best experiences I've had with a career adviser.

Kristine Houston,  Concept Artist

Rebecca Kraus takes your company’s vision to her inside track of technology and world marketing. She puts you in competitor mode from day one. Rebecca’s approach to a challenge serves her clients well. However, what impressed me the most was her impressive depth of study into her client’s needs. It mirrors a seasoned researcher and her incredible skill set brings transformation of your vision to action, right to your front door. Five. Star. Experience.

Jill R. Stanton, Author, Illustrator, Teacher


Rebecca is a natural problem-solver who uses her genuine curiosity and analytical abilities to continually improve workflow and communication with coworkers and the students and alumni she serves. She has an innate ability to read people well and is dedicated to making insightful connections for students, alumni and colleagues. She is a fantastic writer, has a keen editorial sensibility and is a pleasure to work with!

Alicia Powers Lee, Senior Manager, Industry & Alumni Engagement, SCAD

Rebecca isn't afraid to jump into new territory. At Allrecipes she rolled up her sleeves and worked tenaciously to assess the ebook strategy: researching the space and ultimately bringing a revised top seller to market. She also researched and tested an e-commerce strategy, developing a toolkit Allrecipes can tap into for potential new revenue streams.

Rita Spangler, Global Head of Consumer Marketing, Amazon Pay at Amazon

Rebecca is creative and inquisitive, and incredibly talented at considering new and fresh ways of solving problems. She’s extremely knowledgeable about creative marketing and in the short time I worked with her I was impressed with her ability to offer insightful feedback to students and alumni.

Ai-ling Chang, Senior Director, Video Content Productions, Pluralsight

Direct Reports/Freelancers
Rebecca tirelessly advocates for the quality and role of editorial content in all projects and never fails to see and surface how that content fits into the bigger picture. Rebecca proudly wears multiple hats, and they all fit her well.

Clint Brownlee, Copywriter at Capital One (ShareBuilder)


Rebecca tackles projects with gusto. She's skilled at leading conceptual brainstorming sessions, and is always ready to throw in an idea (or ten) of her own and keep things moving. She's dedicated to keeping things fun for the end user, whether that's by using lively copy or incorporating ideas from her background in games design. Everything Rebecca does, from conceptualizing a new product to tweaking lines of copy, she approaches with passion, curiosity, and enthusiasm.

James Callan, UX Content Strategist

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Rebecca twice, as fellow copywriters at Cranium and then as her freelance writer at In both instances, I was impressed by her enthusiasm and creativity. She attacks projects with vigor, facing challenging deadlines and amorphous goals with clear-headed strategy and confidence.

Angela Taylor Hylland, Freelance Copywriter & Editor Extraordinaire

Rebecca Kraus has the rare blend of unbridled enthusiasm and disciplined attention to detail. For one  project we worked across a desk from each other; for another, we communicated via e-mail. In both instances, Rebecca inspired many new ideas and found ways to enhance mine. She then could switch hats and take on the mantle of editor, carefully checking and cross-checking thousands of individual pieces of material, assessing them for grammar, spelling and good taste. If I had a project that needed someone with talent and tenacity, she would be my choice.

Mark Maxwell-Smith, President, Emmes Productions


Rebecca is a natural creative thinker, she works at an amazing pace. When introduced to a new project, she always asks the right questions and is able to create boundaries and find creative solutions. We worked together on online creative ads and more, and I always found that she is such a pleasure to work with and great in a collaborative environment.

Ira G. Muturi, Sr. Visual Designer, Allrecipes International


Rebecca is a complete natural at content strategy and brand-building. I had the opportunity to work with her while she spearheaded the multi-channel launch of the "FoodWishes" e-book. Vision, curiosity and smarts make her an expert content strategist, while her organization and persistence guarantee successful execution. She has that unique ability to find the win-win in any situation: delighting the consumer while furthering the business strategy.

Laura Kelso, Vice President, Product Management at WP Engine

Rebecca is a joy to work with! Her warmth, energy, and industry expertise make her a welcome addition to any team. She strives to see the big-picture and develop strategies that address more than immediate needs, anticipating how market changes could impact future situations. As the CAS committee co-lead for the EMBRACE Diversity and Inclusion Conference, I worked closely with Rebecca and saw firsthand her ability to inspire others to action by communicating the mission of our project and how it related to their needs. Her strong commitment to DEI is seen throughout her work.

Chelsea Lane , Industry Relations and Special Projects Manager, SCAD 

Rebecca is approachable, talented and creative. She provides help enthusiastically and has the ability to turn a brainstorming session into concrete creative that can be delivered directly to clients at the highest level. She's a great resource for any digital seller!

Marta Priestly, West Coast Sales Director at Worth International Media Group

It's my pleasure to strongly recommend Rebecca Kraus. Her enthusiasm and positive thinking allow her to work well with people from all sorts of backgrounds, including writers, graphic artists, information architects, Web developers, and marketers. I have worked with many people in Seattle's tech industry, and Rebecca is one of the most hard-working, dedicated, determined, friendly, caring, and passionate managers with whom I have worked. In addition to being a strong manager, she is also astute at understanding the subtleties of language and finding the right words to clearly communicate a message.

Alan Yu, International Leadership Development Consultant


Working with Rebecca Kraus at Mattel was always enjoyable and interesting. Her passion for kids and designing what was best for them was infectious. Her attention to detail and drive to create the best possible products made working together so gratifying.

Lisa Pelaggi, Creator of Relative Threads, Inc.

Rebecca is an excellent addition to any group, company or board. She is creative, strategic, detail-oriented and organized. Her enthusiasm is unmatched, and she is a motivating force behind everything she's involved in. She is a collaborator and a leader - and always comes to the table prepared and ready to work. I would be proud to work with her again.

Erin Tanenbaum, Director, Southern California Leadership Network

Rebecca Kraus is a knowledgeable writer and game designer that I have come to know through pure good fortune. She is witty, intelligent, and a pleasure to spend time with. I have had Rebecca guest lecture in my classes on game design to great responses.

David Javelosa, Professor of Interactive Media, Design Technology Dept., Santa Monica College

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