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Whether you’re actively job searching or just want to be hiring-ready, you need a long-term strategy to be found, valued, and remembered. 

Rebecca has advised hundreds of people, from the recent college grad to the seasoned pro re-entering the workforce. Her secret sauce? Clarifying and codifying the passion and purpose of her clients to successfully set them up to reach their career goals. 

Read her column in the Careers section of the Seattle Times

Career Strategies

Rebecca Kraus | Copywriter | Editor in Seattle

Job searching is a marathon, not a sprint. Gain traction and long-term perspective. 

Rebecca Kraus | Job Searching Strategies
Career Discernment

Get the help you need to determine the next steps that are right for you. 

Rebecca Kraus | Website Design

Rebecca creates keyword-rich resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and websites that get noticed. 

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Rebecca helps you target strategically so you grow your reach and long-term potential.

Rebecca Kraus | Clients | Success Stories

Each job deserves a unique approach to show your value and readiness.

Clients & Stories

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