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An award-winning storyteller who helps others find their voice. From content strategy and marketing to career coaching and social media engagement, Rebecca Kraus starts with empathy and ends with results.


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Rebecca Kraus | Copywriter | Editor in Seattle

Rebecca ensures that your story hits the mark, whether it's your product or profile.

Rebecca Kraus | Job Searching Strategies
Career Coaching

Focusing on your unique values and skills, Rebecca offers tech-savvy tips and tricks.

Rebecca Kraus | Website Design

Rebecca creates SEO-friendly websites that compel users to find you and take action.

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Social Media

For your target audience, Rebecca builds awareness, inspires, and activates.

Rebecca Kraus | Clients | Success Stories
Proof, Meet Pudding

A new website. Updated branding. Social media strategy. See a few success stories.


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Based in Seattle, Rebecca welcomes clients from around the world, and travels gladly. 

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Games Design Content

Created the name, tagline, and game content of this adult game. Balanced gameplay, wrote the rules, packaging, and informed the marketing strategy.

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